A long night at a small place

Semester’s over already. Well, save for the finals that is. All that is left is the finals. It’s my last semester at Inti, and yesterday was my last day of class. It was quite a happy moment for me when I finished the class. Yippee ka-yay.

However, to more important things. I’ve reformatted my computer. Which is why there has been a lack of updates on Ink Cafe. Reinstalling everything took longer than expected due to the fact that I had assignments to do at the same time. So updating windows and reinstalling applications came second.

Not to mention as well that I was ambushed by my father’s plans. He arranged to have people come over and start moving our house’s furniture without telling my mother or anyone else beforehand. This resulted in a huge mess-up in which everyone had to suddenly pack things to the side. My house is in quite a state of mess right now. The refrigerator and a number of big furniture are gone. Moving is currently on hold as my father’s not around. Thankfully. I’ve still not been to that condominium so I’m still unsure as to how it looks but so far what I know is that it can be summed up into two words: small and nice.

As I was saying earlier, reformatting and reinstalling my computer took some time. In the end however it was quite a success as I backed up most of my files, including a large number of Windows Updates and many of my computer’s drivers. A hiccup occurred when I attempted to install Ubuntu 8.04 into my computer. Partitioning it and understanding what it was saying was a little tough, as I had XP installed already and didn’t want to end up damaging it. In the end I did manage to install it in a 32GB partition. My “new” laptop is now a little bit troublesome in the sense that I have to carefully manage my computer space.

I plan to overcome that by finally getting my external HDD casing.

And, I shall stop here for now, and write another post! Detailing my Ubuntu experience!

Free Ubuntu Disc

A question to the readers.

What Operating System is the computer you’re using running on? Windows, Mac or Ubuntu?

Chances are it’s Windows. As popular as Mac may be getting, at the end of the day Mac users are but a very small percentage. There’s another operating system that quite a decent number of people use as well, but it’s generally unpopular because it’s not a “Brand-name” like Mac OSX and it’s rarely distributed with computers.

The operating system I’m talking about is the Ubuntu.

I’m going to skip all those technical details because after all, that’s why they’re called “technical details”. This isn’t a tech-focused site anyway.

Ubuntu’s an open-source operating system, meaning it’s not meant for profit and people are free to edit and change the system so that it better suits them. It’s because of this that there are many variations of Ubuntu floating out in the market. Some of them come packaged in a computer, some are geared towards education etc. I’m not too sure about this, but I was told that there are no viruses for the Ubuntu Operating System as well.

As far as I know (and I’ve read quite a lot) the Ubuntu OS is generally quite performance efficient. Meaning your computer will probably perform quite fast with it. The downside to Ubuntu is that there are a number of softwares that are not supported on it such as iTunes. Most games do not run on it as well even though there are workabouts using W.I.N.E (acronym for Wine Is Not an Emulator). That’s another software for another day.

Today I received my free copy of Ubuntu 8.04.1 LTS (Long-Term Support) Desktop Edition. I ordered the CD online about 3 weeks ago and received it today. I’m hesitant to replace WinXP with Ubuntu because I’m used to XP. But I’d like to test it out and see if it’s suitable for me.

Which brings me to why I ordered the CD to begin with. I can boot from the CD (meaning starting my computer using the CD’s OS instead of my HDD’s WinXP) and just try it out. When I’m done and want to return to WinXP I just restart. No changes done at all.

I plan to try that soon. I just got the disc and have been busy with other things so I’ve not gotten around to testing out Ubuntu yet. After I’ve tested it out I’ll be sure to write a post on it. So for now, just an explanation of sorts about Ubuntu.

For those interested in getting Ubuntu to try it out themselves, check here for the disc image version or here to order it online for free (shipping is free too!)

Another day at the Cafe

Another day at my very own cafe. I like the name a lot to be honest. Mei helped me pick the name, and I’m very thankful she did because I could’ve used a very lame domain name. But thanks to her, I’m the proud owner of the Ink-Cafe domain.

WordPress is pretty intimidating for me because a lot of code customization is required for things to work properly. I’m toeing the waters now, but things are generally going on fine even though sometimes it can get pretty annoying.

Now, if you pay attention to the Category section, more sections have appeared. I plan to move my literary works all to Ink-Cafe soon. I’ll need some time to do it, but I’ll be more than happy to do so of course. Also, the links section has been changed already. I plan to add more links as time pass, but for now it’s pretty empty.

Oh, from today onwards I can also be reached on kai@ink-cafe.com. I find it a very awesome fact that I’ve not my own email account on my own domain.

There are still some quirks I’m planning to work out though. I wish to set it so that my frontpage does not show all the posts but rather just posts from certain categories. Unfortunately I’ve not found a satisfying way to do that. I’m still working hard on it. I’d also like to find a way to include picture support to the feature section. But I should take things step by step right?

I’d also like to say that I wrote an email (with a lot of assistance from Mei) to a magazine called YouMag offering my “Services”. We’ll see how that goes shall we? Another big leap isn’t it?